Integrated Management Policy

Quality Approach

Quality is a priority for Ak-tas and its group companies that connects business processes and integrated management systems with the ultimate aim of perfection. Operations are provided in accordance with the standards. Through qualified workforce, strong infrastructure, functional equipment, and regular controls, the objective is to go well beyond expectations of customers and suppliers.

Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) Approach

Ak-tas carries the awareness of potential hazards in chemicals storage, filling, discharging, distribution and relevant operational processes. Therefore, the Occupational Health and Safety Risks are evaluated for a sustainable improvement alongside all legal security measures and are aimed to be reduced through actions. Business processes are continuously monitored and improved through investments. High levels of technical precautions are taken for emergency situations in the provision of employee safety and facility security.

Ak-tas is also very sensitive on the topic of the environment. The company strongly aims to decrease elements that lead to environmental pollution. Ak-tas meets a high portion of its electricity consumption though solar panels implemented at the storage facility. In order to prevent the occurrence of large environmental disasters, accident risks in the terminals are regularly projected, and relevant measures are implemented through the security plans under “Regulation on Prevention of Large Industrial Accidents and Reduction of Their Effects”.  Additionally, environmentally friendly renewable energy investments and projects are carried out by the group companies operating in the energy sector.