• BOSAD (The Association of Paint Industry)

    BOSAD’s basic aim is to contribute to the development of the Turkish Paint and Coatings Industry, increase national paint consumption, and provide the consumers with modern and healthy products and to contribute to the EU integration process on a sectoral basis by adding another export field to our country’s economy.
  • EPCA (The European Petrochemical Association)

    The European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) is the primary European Business Network for the global petrochemical business community. Members, consisting of chemical producers and their suppliers, customers and service providers, turn to EPCA for reliable and up-to-date information, forward-thinking, and a professional platform to stimulate new approaches and ideas.
  • Gebze Chamber Of Commerce

    The institution aims to provide the maximum benefit to the national economy and to support and contribute to commercial, social and cultural life, education, environment, economic dynamism and sustainable change.
  • IKMIB (Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association)

    IKMIB has taken it as its main objective to engage in activities for the growth of exports, the diversification of exported products, and the increase in competitive strength. It enables strong commercial connections in the international arena, and access to new markets.
  • IMMIB (Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters’ Association)

    IMMIB is a professional establishment which deals with all of the export activities within regions that have a high level of export activities. IMMIB carries out a significant role to represent around 24,000 members.
  • ITO (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce)

    ITO aims to contribute to Turkey’s and its members becoming a regional power that assumes a greater share in international commerce. It guides entities on the global scale and seeks the resolution of the structural issues of the private sector.
  • KIPLAS (Chemical, Petrol, Rubber and Plastic Industry Employers’ Union)

    KIPLAS presents solutions and recommendations by gathering all the employers of the chemical, petrol, rubber, and plastic sectors under one roof and by tackling the problems of businesses and employers in a central platform.
  • SOSIAD (Association of Refrigeration Industry and Businessmen)

    The purpose of the association is to provide for collaboration, solidarity, and the exchange of knowledge between members that work on refrigeration, cooling devices, automatic control devices, and the main and replacement pieces of these.
  • TURKLIM (Port Operators Association of Turkey)

    TURKLIM operates for the purpose of seeking solutions and providing solidarity in a shared platform for the sectoral problems of private sector harbour and port business owners.