WhiteChem SA

WhiteChem SA was established as a trade company in Geneva, Switzerland, for the purpose of developing import-export operations of the group in petrochemicals and to open up to new markets.

The company supplies and distributes numerous petrochemicals needed as inputs in several industries, especially special and licensed bulk chemicals. The company adds an important value to group operations with its office right in the centre of Europe and much closer to prominent manufacturers.

WhiteChem has succeeded in maintaining long-term and strong commercial ties with major producers like Versalis SPA (ENI Group-Italy), Rompetrol, Lucite, LG Chem, INEOS, and OMV Petrom. The company also gained the right to be the authorized distributor of premium base oils of Chevron, primarily in Turkey and neighbouring countries, through an agreement signed with Chevron Belgium N.V. at the end of 2015.

This agreement also made WhiteChem one of the 15 hubs around the world for these products.