Akfa Tank Terminal (Greece)

  • The terminal founded in 1968 as Interchem Hellas S.A. joined Aktas Group in 2015, and today it continues operations under the partnership with Megara Resins-Fanis S.A.
  • The tank terminal is located in the Chalkida-Evia region in Greece, about 80 km northeast of Athens.
  • The terminal is built over a space of 62,500 m2. The outdoor storage area is 15,000 m2, whereas the indoor storage area is 7,500 m2
  • The total chemical storage capacity is 16,000 m3, and 39 storage tanks in various sizes are located in the facility.
  • Discharge from vessels, discharge from railway wagons, as well as road tanker loading / discharging, and drumming operations are performed at the terminal in accordance with international regulations (ISGOTT, SPS Code, RID, and ADR).
  • There is also a laboratory at the facility to conduct quality control analyses for incoming products.